badania opieki farmaceutycznej


badania opieki farmaceutycznej



badania opieki farmaceutycznej


badania opieki farmaceutycznej


badania opieki farmaceutycznej


badania opieki farmaceutycznej


badania opieki farmaceutycznej



The Polish Pharmacy Practice Research Network team are specialists with many years of experience in science, and the pharmaceutical industry. Our experts provide the highest level of services related to the development of scientific research in the field of practice research network

PPPRN team, PPPRN zespół


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Dr Piotr Merks
is a polish licensed Pharmacist, Adiunct Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Collegium Medicum, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, former advisor of the management board of Polish Pharmaceutical Group (PGF S.A.), former Senior Teaching Fellow at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland and Funder/ CEO of Piktorex limited company funded by the National Center for Research Development in Poland and Black Pearls VC. Holds international expertise in various pharmacy sectors: educational facilities, governmental and non-governmental bodies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, community pharmacies. As an educator and innovator Piotr works to empower pharmaceutical scientists and pharmacists as the future leaders in healthcare.

Piotr first started his career as a registered Pharmacist in the UK primary care setting delivering public health interventions to patient in underserved communities across the UK. It was his early experience in practice that inspired him to conduct research in social pharmacy, before moving into the academic sector full time in 2011. He went on to earn his Ph.D in pharmaceutical care services, at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland, and achieved his degree in 2017. Piotr launched the Polish Pharmacy Trade Union (ZZPF) to fight for the rights of employees in pharmacy sector in Poland. Since 2012 he raises awareness around the falsified medicines in Poland, first as a country Ambassador and later as Business Development Director of Aegate Limited, now as an external independent expert.

Dr Merks has presented widely at national and international meetings and is a recognized leader across the pharmacy profession and, more widely, in science, pharmaceutical technology and innovation. He is also working closely with FIP on development of pharmaceutical pictograms, and Polish pharmacy sector as an Advisor. In 2015, Piotr was appointed to the Board of Mazovian Pharmacy Chamber and International Affairs Section of the National Pharmacy Chamber in Poland. Currently Piotr is responsible for National Pharmaceutical Care Pilot, and leading research in the area of Medicine Use Review, under supervision of Ministry of Health and Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate.

His work, research and leadership, have been recognized internationally, and he is being invited to many international events as a guest speaker. Throughout his career Piotr has acted as a passionate advocate for the pharmacy profession and has partnered with stakeholders across sectors to align the pharmacy workforce with the Sustainable Development Goals to make an embracing change for the pharmacy as a profession.
is the vice president of pharmacy affaire at BCE pharma. BCE Pharma is a Canadian leader with its quality management program for compounding preparations in pharmacy. The company’s mission is to provide service and to give support and advice to organizations to help them meet the required standards in effect. He served 25 years as a military pharmacists, Lieutenant Colonel (Military pharmacist), followed by working as a Director of Pharmacy of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) for 16 years from 2005 to 2021.

Throughout his career, Dr. Vaillancourt has worked with different pharmacy organizations. He has served as a board member in different roles such as l’Ordre des pharmaciens du Quebec, the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) as vice president, Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists as president, Pharmacists without Borders- Canada as president and more recently as the president of the Ontario College of Pharmacists in 2016-2018.

Dr. Vaillancourt is a surveyor for Accreditation Canada since 2002. Dr. Vaillancourt has published more than 100 peer reviewed articles on pharmacy practice with a focus on medication safety and health literacy. He has been recognised by provincial, national and international pharmacy organisation in receiving different awards: 2021 University of Toronto Alumni Awards Hall of Distinction recipient, 2015 International Pharmaceutical Federation Distinguished Practice
Dr Agnieszka Biala is both a pharmacist and a pharmacologist. She obtained her Master’s degree in pharmacy at the Medical University of Lodz in Poland (2006). Having been fascinated by pharmacology, she pursued a PhD program at the University of Helsinki in Finland (2007-2011). Her subsequent post-doctoral work was conducted at the University of Manitoba (2012-2015) and University of British Columbia (2015-2016) in Canada.

After transitioning into a clinical research management role at the University of British Columbia (2017-2021) in Vancouver, she supported a number of clinical research projects through her involvement in grant development, project management and facilitation of knowledge translation and knowledge dissemination activities. In this capacity, Dr Biala liaised with the Canadian Institutes for Health Research-Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network and Health Canada to design, develop and implement pharmacogenomic studies conducted by the University of British Columbia team that aimed to uncover genetic predictors of diverse adverse drug reactions. Furthermore, in 2019, she organized an international, patient-centered conference titled “Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis: From Science to Translation” in Vancouver, with a white paper published post meeting as a joint effort of dermatologists, immunologists, scientific experts, and patients.

Dr Biala has published in peer-reviewed scientific journals; she also wrote two articles that focused on pharmacogenomics and genetic testing uptake in Canada for a Polish magazine, Urtica, which is for clinical pharmacists. Dr Biala is a co-author of the Canadian Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs. Dr Biala is also experienced in the private sector, where she worked at a Canadian CRO, Alimentiv (2021-2022), supporting the precision medicine portfolio and integration of translational medicine and clinical pharmacology within all clinical research phases.
Passionate about improving healthcare outcomes, drug safety, drug efficacy, and making a positive impact on the lives of patients, Dr Biala is now channeling her experience and knowledge through her independent practice at Biala & Co. Using her unique training and professional experience, Dr Biala aims to address the unmet needs in healthcare and pharmacy.
Katarina Fehir Šola
is a pharmacist born in Croatia. In 1999, she completed her studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Zagreb, and obtained a Master of Pharmacy degree. In 2012, she completed a postgraduate study in Phytopharmacy, earning the degree of Master of Pharmacy specialising in Phytopharmacy and Dietotherapy. After completing her specialist studies, she enrolled in a postgraduate doctoral program. She obtained her Doctor of Science degree by defending her doctoral dissertation in 2022. In 2023, she received the academic title of Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Osijek, Croatia. In 2023, she finished the Healthcare Systems Manager programme of study at the Effectus University of Applied Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia.

After finishing her studies, she began working at a pharmacy (Ljekarna Bjelovar). Within the institution, she quickly became an active provider of pharmaceutical care and the president of the institution’s professional council. Since 2012, she has been a member of the Healthcare Institution Ljekarna Bjelovar’s management board; in 2015, she became the institution’s director. She actively participates in the work of the Croatian Pharmaceutical Society and has been a member of the Management Board of the Podravina and Bilogora Association since 2008. She is a member of the Croatian Chamber of Pharmacists and conducts professional supervision on its behalf. From 2015 to 2019, she served as president of the Commission for International Cooperation. In 2012, she started her international career when she was selected as Croatia’s representative in the international organisation Employed Community Pharmacists in Europe (EphEU), based in Vienna. She became a member of the organisation’s Executive Board in 2012 and served as President in 2019.

D.Sc Fehir Šola has led several public health projects and is actively involved in the local community through palliative care teams and the Health Council of the Bjelovar-Bilogora County. She also lectures in primary and secondary schools as part of the curriculum and is an external associate at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Zagreb.

She has received numerous awards for her professional work throughout her career. In 2009, she was awarded the Diploma of the Croatian Pharmaceutical Society, and in 2012, she received the Golden Plaque for outstanding contributions in the city of Bjelovar. In 2014, 2015, and 2016, she received project awards from the Croatian Society for Patient Safety for her work as project leader or co-leader, and in 2021, she received the “Mr. pharm. Antun Karlovac” Award for significant enhancement of professional work in the field of pharmacy. In 2022, she was declared FIP Champion at the FIP World Congress in Seville, Spain, where she was also an invited plenary speaker.

She authors e-courses, has published over 100 papers and has given lectures at congresses and conferences for pharmacists. She is also the editor of the first Croatian Self-Medication Handbook and Handbook of Dietary Supplements. D.Sc Fehir Šola has published several papers in peer-reviewed journals.
Ewelina Drelich
Ewelina Drelich completed her pharmacy degree in Warsaw, Poland. She worked as a pharmacist in community pharmacies. She graduated of Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Chemical Department University of Łódź and Kozminski University. In 2015 she began work as project manager in Farenta Polska. She was responsible for design, implementation and supervision of research, development of statistical research results, supporting the development of the pharmaceutical industry by providing solutions and necessary tools for visualization and presentation of scientific reports, evaluation of the data provided in terms of compliance with current medical knowledge and preparation of presentations and scientific publications. Nowadays, she is an owner Ewelina Drelich Consulting. She is the member of The Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry, Polish Association of Cosmetic and Detergent Industry and Polish Society of Cosmetologists Chemists. Her interests are focused on safety of chemicals, cosmetic, medical devices, drug and diet supplement.
Dr Katarzyna Plagens-Rotman
A midwife by professional, a long-term academic lecturer at the Medical University of Karola Marcinkowski in Poznań, a midwife by education, a specialist in gynecological nursing, a specialist in gynecological nursing, has been conducting research for the integration of the medical industry for years working together in the interdisciplinary team including pharmacists.
Dr hab. n. med. prof. IGiChP Zbigniew Doniec
is professor at the Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, Regional Branch in Rabka-Zdrój and the Academy of Applied Sciences in Nowy Targ. A pediatrician, pulmonologist and allergist with over 40 years of professional experience. He specializes in diagnosing and treating respiratory diseases in children. Initiator of the establishment and long-term President of the Management Board of the IRMA Association of Pediatric Pneumonologists (Initiative for Rabka Medical Asscocation) (2007 – 2015) and the Polish Society of Pediatric Pneumonology (2015 – 2023). National Consultant in the field of pediatric lung diseases (2013-2018). Initiator and co-author of recommendations on the management of asthma in children (COMPAS ASTHMA), cystic fibrosis (COMPAS CF), tuberculosis (COMPAS TB) and other acute and chronic respiratory diseases. Research and development manager and medical consultant of new technology companies in the Krakow Technology Park (Findair sp. z o. o. – Kraków), manager and contractor of NCBiR grants. Member of the team for chronic diseases of the Telemedicine Round Table of the Ministry of Health (since 2022), actively involved in the process of digitization of treatment bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Initiator of the establishment and President of the Management Board of the Polish Society of Phytotherapy (2022), associating doctors, pharmacists and representatives of medical professions interested in the subject of plant medicines. Experts appointed by the society have prepared the first recommendations in Poland for the use of plant medicines in respiratory diseases (STANPHYTO Respiratory, 2023), and further positions are being developed (STANPHYTO CANOPY, STANPHYTO GAstro). Scientific leader, organizer and lecturer of scientific and training conferences, courses and webinars in the field of respiratory diseases, pediatrics and phytotherapy. In this respect, he cooperates with other scientific societies – the Polish Society of Family Medicine, the Polish Pediatric Society and the Polish Allergological Society. Member of domestic and foreign scientific societies (including PTA, PTChP, ERS, EAACI). Author and co-author of over 300 publications in domestic and foreign literature.
Dr n. med. Joanna Surowiecka
is a polish licensed pharmacist, graduated in master of science in pharmaceutical degree from the Medical University of Silesia in 2017. During her master’s studies, she conducted scientific research on the analysis of the composition of dietary supplements in terms of the safety of their use. Two publications were created from the research conducted Analysis of iron content in food supplements in relation to the safety of their use in 2019 and Analysis of the composition of dietary supplements with iron in case of safety of their use in children in 2020. After master’s studies, she started doctoral studies, defending them in 2020 with doctoral dissertation entitled Changes in plasma concentrations of cartonectin, lipocalin-2 and omentin-1 in obese patients with type 2 diabetes following metformin therapy. During her doctoral studies, dr n. med Joanna Surowiecka also carried out a research project at the National Institute of Medicines in Warsaw. Throughout the COVID pandemic, she worked at 3 community vaccination points, vaccinating approximately 2,000 patients against COVID 19. She also participated in the process of introducing vaccinations to community pharmacies, performing vaccinations against both COVID and flu. Additionally she worked in a genetic laboratory, where she participated in the process of analyzing patient swabs for the presence of the COVID 19 virus. Currently, dr n. med Joanna Surowiecka works in a community pharmacy and as an academic lecturer in subjects such as pharmacology and prescriptions, biopharmacy and biochemistry.
Dr Aneta Królak-Ulińska
is a polish licensed physician, specialist in anesthesiology and intensive care, coordinator of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care in the local hospital in Węgrów, Poland. She graduated from the Medical Academy in Warsaw, 1st Faculty of Medicine.

She is a specialist in anesthesiology and intensive therapy, and also completed Postgraduate Studies as a Transplantation Coordinator at the Medical University of Warsaw.
Dr Karolak-Ulińska, is also interested in aesthetic medicine, so she undertook a Postgraduate Studies in Aesthetic Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw.

Due to her main stream interests in project management to reduce antibiotic resistance in Polish hospitals, she completed a Postgraduate Studies in the Management of Health Care Organizations at the Warsaw School of Economics.
She uses her interests in AMR projects as a member of the Infections Team at the District Hospital in Węgrów and as the chairwoman of the Hospital Team for Antibiotic Therapy at the District Hospital in Węgrów. She works with our organization on popularization and awareness of AMR among HCP.
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