zespół The Polish Pharmacy Practice Research Network, PPPRN team, PPPRN zespół
The Polish Pharmacy Practice Research Network was funded from the need to have evidence informed solutions for the provision of pharmaceutical care.The network supports practice research to assess and improve the quality, outcomes and value of pharmacists’ services to improve medication use, while also building a collaborative and inter-professional research structure to translate its health systems and services research into policy and practice through ongoing knowledge user engagement. The network translates science into practice by connecting the pharmaceutical industry latest developments to patients via the involvement of hospital and community pharmacists at point of care. PPPRN provides pharmacy employees with a professional training, sharing of evidence based clinical practice tools to improve patient care. Distributors and pharmaceutical companies can use PPPRN as a communication channel with community and hospital pharmacies. The Polish Pharmacy Practice Research Network is a coherent combination of the competences of the pharmaceutical industry with the professionalism of pharmacy employees and electronic solutions